The Keys to Healthy Sponsorships

May 08

image001Planning a large event is a complex and demanding undertaking, one that is not always possible without the support of valuable sponsors says Tampa event planning company Cheers Events owner Robert Smith. Because of this, it is critical to remember that a healthy sponsorship doesn’t start and end with a signed contract. Though obtaining a signed contract is a major accomplishment that involves research, meetings, brainstorms, proposals, and pitches, that’s just the beginning. The second step of a sponsorship is the activation, and it is in this arena that the real magic happens.

Activation can be considered the phase in which your relationship with your sponsor deepens. You collect information, initiate the pre-event benefits you promised, and provide support during the event itself. Whether your sponsor has a positive experience will impact their word of mouth regarding your company and influence their decision to sponsor future events. These three keys can help you ensure that you perfectly execute sponsorship activation.

Set Expectations
No sponsor wants to enter an agreement or plan for a Tampa corporate event theme with questions still floating in the air. Avoid this problem by sharing specific pre-, during-, and post-event expectations. This might include how pre-event materials will be branded, how your relationship with the sponsor will be maintained, what the schedule looks like. Clarifying even the smallest details will make a huge difference.

Prepare the Logistics
The devil is always in the details, right? The last thing you want is for a smooth show to become ruffled by small logistics that weren’t planned appropriately ahead of time. Timing, location, parking, loading, packing up, and behavior during the event are all essential pieces of information that need to be shared in a cohesive and clear manner. Chaos is not your friend, so work to avoid it!

Engage During the Event
Don’t just ignore your sponsors once they have arrived without a hitch. Be sure to talk to them, get to know their companies, and help them feel special by offering a VIP tour or other special benefit.

With careful attention-to-detail, your event will never want for sponsors again.

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Secrets of Retaining Great Employees

Feb 20

Great EmployeesEvery strong business has at least one common denominator: great employees. Reliable workers are hard to find and important to keep, but many businesses repeatedly struggle with turnover rate.  The right employees will be happy to stay as long as the working conditions are what they deserve.

Opportunities to Use Skills

Employees need to have a clear purpose at work each day. They didn’t seek training and pay for college to sit around at a desk feeling worthless. If a job isn’t stimulating, chances are that great employee will be out the door.


One of the top reasons an employee is likely to stay with or leave a job is his relationship with other employees. Offices overtaken by gossip and melodrama are not welcoming working environments and can lead dedicated employees to feel undermined. On the other hand, employees with strong coworker relationships and close bonds will enjoy work and be more likely to stay.

Financial Stability

Every employee has to be able to pay rent, buy groceries, and keep up with bills, especially the employees with families. As much as a worker may love his business, he can’t stay if he can’t rely on his paycheck every other Friday.

This means that recent layoffs, continual turnover, and salary freezes are all warning signs of instability. A business will need to be transparent with employees to demonstrate if and when stability and growth do exist. For example, contacting a Tampa employment agency could cause issues with existing staff.

Workplace Culture

Culture can mean a few different things. First and foremost, a workplace must value and respect every single employee. Unethical behavior is a very obvious way to lose workers, and perceived unethical or prejudiced behavior will have the same result. Dignified behavior of course needs to extend to temporary employees, clients, and others.

But culture can also refer to the social vibe of the business. Do coworkers throw holiday parties together, or plan events on the weekend? Teambuilding, for as many eye rolls as it receives, can boost morale very efficiently if done the right way. When employees feel valued and involved in the workplace culture, they are far more likely to stick around.

For more advice and information around staffing and employees visit HH Staffing Services with locations across Florida.

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Cloud Safety and Business Communications: Are You Protected?

Feb 11

pw protectionHistory occurs in a repetitive fashion, and technology is no exception.  Just like businesses faced the quandary 15 years ago wondering whether this “Internet thing” should become a factor of daily operations, businesses are now wondering the same thing about “the cloud”.

The nebulous term is often misunderstood, but more and more businesses are now fully incorporated within the cloud and learning its revolutionary potential for company infrastructure and production.

Communication didn’t make its way to the cloud as quickly as other business elements, but now it’s here to stay. What do you need to do to ensure your company’s communication is protected on the cloud?

Password Protection

It sounds obvious, but passwords are vital. Long, complex passwords are safest, and of course don’t spread the password to others! They shouldn’t relate to anything in your personal life to prevent others from guessing.


Data must be encrypted to protect and maintain its security since data without encryption can be accessed and read by anyone with technical savvy. Sensitive data especially needs to be encrypted before being transferred and stored. Open source encryptions provide a higher level of reliability.

High Network Security

Firewalls on your company website and systems keep trouble makers away. Anti-virus software, malware detection, and timely system updates are all critical to security, even if they seem like mundane tasks. Instruction prevention and detection is the name of the game. If you’re unsure of doing this yourself, consider an IT consultant or company.

Backup Data

There’s no such thing as being too safe, right? Backing up your cloud data and communication ensures protection of files on hard drives. A physical guarantee is vital in the event of a system crash or hack.

If all of this sounds too complex, find a Tampa IT solutions company  who can take care of your company’s cloud security to take the burden off your shoulders.  These companies know the best and most relevant security solutions to ensure your business is secure.

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Antivirus, Who And Why To Choose

Nov 04

Protecting your personal computer from spyware is becoming more difficult. Even corporate giant Microsoft has located its own systems endangered on several occasion. The same as antivirus program, Antispyware applications is vital to a computers skill to fend off spyware. The products were created to guard from the power of spyware to take over your Computer.


bitdefenderBitDefender has won PC World’s #1 Best Buy award because of its new antivirus and antispyware package, BitDefender Antivirus version 10. BitDefender’s superior products happen to be popular for a long time in Europe and elsewhere, and today it is catching on in America as it surpasses the more recognizable Norton and McAfee packages. BitDefender safeguards your pc in real time — defending you against malicious sites, e-mails and — most importantly — spyware, which will be the top supply of identity theft.

Simple to set up and upgraded mechanically, BitDefender is an “install and forget” security software. Forget about bothersome “in your face” scan and reminders to improve your security software into a higher priced variant, only the knowledge that the pc is protected from virus and spyware threats. For advanced users who would like to have more control above their computer security, BitDefender can also be customizable to fit your requirements.

The seller lets you buy two permits for the cost of one and shield two computers for two years for just $39.95.

Webroot Spy Sweeper is the most popular anti spyware on the Web now. Even the most malicious and sophisticated spyware installations including CoolWebSearch and Look2Me are no match for Spy Sweeper’s security package.

Its simple-to-use interface and reachable on-line and phone customer service enable users of ability levels to safeguard themselves against spyware. Less computer-knowledgeable users can click through the typical set up, while pros can customize their degree of protection to satisfy their requirements. Spy Sweeper also now offers automatic inbound and outbound email attachment scan, the choice for manual or automatic updates as well as the capacity to find out as well as destroy existing spyware on a computer that is already infected. It’s priced at $29.95.

B000HLT5HQ.01._AA280_SCLZZZZZZZ_V41141492_Spyware Doctor is a popular application — boasting more than one hundred million downloads over its lifespan. Spyware Doctor offers free customer support to all its users, the most recent security upgrades to allow you to know you’re always protected, and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Spyware Doctor has surpassed a number of other applications in head to head spyware detection evaluations, also it consistently outperforms the competition in spyware detection, removal and blocking. Spyware Doctor is always evolving to block new dangers, so even as the spyware coders are outsmarting other software, Spyware Doctor is working overtime to take care of your machine and private information. It is readily available for downloading for $29.95.

AntiSpy Ever worry that someone might be viewing your on-line actions? Never panic, AntiSpy is here! AntiSpy was created to totally erase your pc history — all the sites you have seen, downloads you have made, files you have sent…

Not only this, but it’s going to clear your Cookies, application files you could have downloaded, Plugins, computer caches… the list continues on.

AntiSpy can also be an award winning antispyware software. It isn’t as full featured as BitDefender or Spy Sweeper, but also for the casual user it’s simple to use and dependable. Not only will AntiSpy ensure that Big Brother can not look over your shoulder, it’ll also save you lots of space on your hard drive!

eTrust PestPatrol Anti spyware protection software can recognize and remove viruses, trojan horses, worms as well as other spyware risks that slip past your firewall and antivirus applications disguised as valid applications. A totally free evaluation version can be obtained to analyze for low level risks, but you have to update to the entire application to be able to fully clean your machine. PestPatrol will eliminate any existing spyware from your own pc, keep you safe from spyware that monitors your online activities, ceases adware popups from destroying your browsing experience and regains your memory time which is being eaten up by hidden programs.

McAfee is a huge name in computer security — perhaps second only to Norton in name recognition and popularity. Its anti spyware software protect you from keyloggers, trojan horses and worms that will steal your private info, resulting in identity theft. Viruses, hackers, spyware coders beware — a machine with McAfee installed is resistant for your infiltration attempts.

BPS Spyware and Adware Remover will safeguard your machine from keylogging software, trojan horses, dialers that could run up phone bills to the thousands, monitoring spyware that observes your every move online… This application has all of it. Active memory scan assesses your computer’s memory for effective advertising parts that just appear when the computer is turned okaspersky-internet-iconn. The Remover also scans for known spyware parasites and “scum-ware” parts, alarm you of their existence, and lets you safely remove them out of your system. Popups are history, along with popunders, when the Remover is installed in your machine. Forget about irritating gaps while you are browsing from website to site.

Max Anti Spyware was created to scan, find and destroy viruses and spyware that have infected your machine. The whole program also comes with cookie, productive x and BHO blockers to maintain your private information safe from prying eyes. Max can even shield your site against hijackers using its Live Tracking attribute. Live upgrades keep Max looking for the most recent security risks, in order to be sure your computer is clean. Purchase it for only $29.95.

Spyware Killer was made to find even the most innocuous-looking viruses, spyware and worms. This software safeguards your privacy by seeking out as well as ruining keylogging software, spyware that monitors your on-line action and viruses and adware that slow down your pc processing time. Purchase it for only $34.95.

Agent Spyware can find viruses, malware and spyware in your machine in seconds! Among the most recent security packages accessible online, Agent Spyware offers protection against and detection of dangerous applications, files and records that could undermine your security and impede your computer into a frustrating crawl.

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Best SEO Practices In Web Design

Nov 04

Your domain name should be brandable (example: Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, etc.), simple to say, and even simpler to recall. Key words in domain names no more have the force they used to.
I would suggest utilizing the www as the fundamental Joe Schmoe Web server will sort in www, anyhow.


Straightforward Layout – Do not reinvent the wheel. In case your layout is complicated, it is likely that it’ll hinder your visitors’ ability to browse and see the website plus it is going to slow down development.

Keep things organized but do not arrange. In the event you have one file or subdirectory in a directory there needs to be A REALLY valid rationale.
File/Directory Names Using Key Words – Your filenames and directory names should include key words. In case your page is all about Idaho potatoes then the filename should be idaho-potatoes.
Static URLs are URLs which are not dynamically created. A static URL resembles and dynamic URLs look like

Believe Little – The smaller your Web pages really are, the quicker they load. One page needs to be less than 15K (unless completely needed) as well as the whole page including images needs to be less than 50K (unless completely essential). Remember, not everybody is on a high speed Internet connection; there continue to be individuals without a 56K modem.

Hyphens – Most search engines like google parse a hyphen just like a reader would parse a space. Using underscores makes what_would_you_do seem like whatwouldyoudo to most search engines. You need to definitely split words in your URLs.

best-seo-agencies-awardsNavigation on Each Page – You need to set consistent navigation on each page of your website. Your navigation should link to the important segments of your website. It might likewise seem sensible for every single page in your Web site to link back to your home page.

You need to develop a site map that links to the important segments and subsections of your website. The site map ought to be linked to from your own Web site’s home page in minimum. Rather the site map ought to be linked to from every page. Advocate file names for the site map are “sitemap.html” or “sitemap.html.”

Title – The name of the webpage needs to be found in the NAME tag and on top of each page. The name needs to be keyword rich (including a maximum of 7 to 10 words) and illustrative.
Many people say META tags are dead but some search engines will really rely on them underneath a pages name on internet search engine result pages (SERPs). Your description needs to be a key word rich, whole sentence.

A listing of key words that show up in the page. Make use of a space to separate key words (not a comma). Order key words how they’d be sought for or as close to an entire sentence as you possibly can. This tag is actually dead but by creating it when you create the page it lets you come back eons after and understand what key words you were particularly targetting. In the event the key word does not appear at least twice in the page then it should not go in the Keyword META Tag. Additionally, try and restrict the amount of complete key words to under twenty.

Some search engine crawlers abide from the Robots META Tag. This provides you an control over what appears in an internet search engine and what does not. That isn’t an essential facet of search engine optimization but it does not hurt to add it in.

Heading Labels – Heading tags must be used wherever possible and needs to be structured appropriately (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6). You must not begin a page with an H2 tag. If H1 by default option is too large then use CSS to style it efficiently. Recall that a lot of search engines like to visit a heading tag subsequently text or images; not H1 followed promptly by H2.

NAME Aspect – The TITLE attribute enhances usability/availability. Make sure to add key words as you see fit but recall it will tell your visitors where they’ll go when they click the hyperlink.
Every picture ought to have an ALT tag. Make use of a keyword rich description of exactly what the picture is. In the event the picture includes text make use of the text in the picture. In addition , this is a usability/accessibility tool.

Anchor text is the text used to link to your page. Using key words in anchor text is an excellent thought and can enhance a page’s functionality in SERPs.Search-Engine-Optimization
Use Text Links, Not Pictures – In the event that you are planning to link to something use text. Text in pictures can not be read by search engines. The single time this rule does not apply is when you are linking to something with a well known symbol. Even then it is still easier to make use of a text link. In the event that you need to use an image as a link then be sure to give it an excellent ALT tag.

Having pages upon pages of original, useful content is the most effective kind SEO.
Add New Content Regularly – If you’re able to add a fresh page of content daily in that case your website will stay fresh and give search engine crawlers reasons to keep coming back day in and day out.

Keyword Density – This can be a touchy subject among Web developers and search engine optimizers.
Build It, Set It Online – Your website needs to be constructed and in “upgrade mode” once it is uploaded to your own Web server. Do not add a page at a time to your Web server when you are first constructing your Web site.

I’d strongly recommend making a legal robots.txt only to appease these search engines and in minimum remove 404 errors from building up in your log files.
Validation – Every page in your Web site should conform to W3C standards as closely as you possibly can.

Link Popularity – Once your Web site continues to be well established, it is time to develop your link popularity. The more important inbound links a Web site has, the better its rankings will likely be.

Assess Traffic – Read your log files regularly. Ensure you’re not getting traffic you do not need and getting traffic you do need. Keeping a pulse on your own traffic enables you to better optimize your pages.

NO TRICKS – If it will not appear ethical, then it isn’t a great thought. Should it not help your visitors, then do not do it.
NO FRAMES – Do not use frameworks, ever.
Linking to pages that do not exist is a really poor thing. Search engines and individuals equally despise that.

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